I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Man




Some Dad writes:

Is the Mick Wallace campaign (left) channeling The Lonely Beast (right). Only one has the decency to wear a tie.



Anne Marie O’Connor writes:

Someone in Wexford is addressing Wallace’s wardrobe woes.

Pic:Vicki Walsh

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9 thoughts on “I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Man

    1. Cup of tea anyone?

      Pink shirts were always unfashionable. You want to go with the salmon shirt. They are the business.

      That or a blueshirt. Cant beat the blueshirts.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        All my shirts are black.
        One has a picture of Bob Marley on the back, but you can’t see it under my jumper. The other one has short sleeves, and that’s for summertime funerals.

  1. Skeptical O'Hare

    Yes, it’s true. Decency = wearing of a tie. It states as much in the Fine Labour handbook on how to tie yourself up in knot.

  2. Sam

    “Decency” ? Like the decency to not look one’s betters in the eye?
    Neckties are a waste of fabric and time.

    1. Cup of tea anyone?

      Ah neckties are not a waste of fabric and time. They can add to a suit, and if you learn how to tie more then a schoolboy knot it can look well.
      However I think the offices were you sit at the desk all day and seen by no one, but have to wear a tie are ridiculous.

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