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  1. Shayna

    Despite the propaganda from all the parties, Ireland is still a conservative, Catholic country. The manifesto from the electorate will remain resolute. “We’re scared of Change”. Not so much, 100 years ago, which apparently, we will celebrate. quite soon. I would be confident that most readers to this site have some indulgence into 1916-1922 history. I’m voting change. Change doesn’t involve FG in government. Labour are fine, as a partner in government to Sinn Fein, as are the Green Party, as far as I’m concerned.
    There was a chalk painting of the “Long Fella” in one of the earlier posts today – my great aunt, a nun (Daughters of the Cross, Killiney Road, Dalkey) {RIP}, was a chalk artist, I’d like it to be an original portrait! My Great Aunt Elizabeth, Nun’s name, ‘Sister Bonaventure’. She was in an enclosed order for 20 years, in Manchester, UK, she didn’t speak aloud for 20 years, hadn’t contributed to the ‘Rising’, unlike her brother and sister, my granny and great uncle.
    They’re all dead now. My Aunt Liz (the nun) taught me to swim on the beach in Bray when I was 6 years old. She always voted De Valera, not for the party, but the person, because she believed in him. My Great Uncle, Major General Felix Devlin, he was in control of the whole of the Irish Brigade during the Irish Civil War, he was ‘Anti-Treaty’ – until surrender! Should I care? – Yeah, I kinda do! – Votail!

    1. Shayna

      Sorry, got carried away with the whole Auntie Liz in Bray thing. (Yes, I’m a strong swimmer because I was taught against the waves in the sea, ultimately, ‘The irish Sea’). If I was to be offered a pulpit on which to preach, it’s now – “Away, with ye, ye FG types, ye’re ne’er do well types who don’t know how to build shit. There’s a curse on this present government led from Mayo, where a priest cursed Mayo to never win’ An Ireland’, until the final player . So where’s the curse, So what is the supposed curse?
      “When the 1951 team were returning to the county after their All-Ireland win, they apparently reached a funeral taking place in one of the towns approaching Castlebar,” former Mayo All-Ireland finalist Liam McHale said.
      “Apparently some of the lads, maybe enjoying the trip home, angered the local priest who cursed them saying they would never win another All-Ireland while any of the ’51 team are alive.”
      Since Mayo lost another All-Ireland final in September 2012, two more of that famous ’51 squad have passed away. It’s 2016, 3 more All-Ireland finals since that quote, perhaps some of the ‘survivors of 51’ curse have passed, Enda Kenny is from Mayo, is he cursed, or is capable of putting the ball over the bar from 40 metres?

  2. Cromuel

    While we’re on the subject of 1916, do we still want the kind of Tammany Hall politics the Irish Parliamentary Party was famous for, and FG and FF still are? Do we want the parties that have presided over thousands of people made homeless in evictions reminiscent of the Land League days, tax breaks for the rich while the poor are ground down?
    Or do we want a country of equals, with reasonably level pay and conditions in different jobs (including those of politicians)? A country we’re all working for? Do we want to end Irish cynicism and have a country we’re proud of?

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