Festivals You May Like: RoadBurren Fleadh



RoadBurren Fleadh @ The Roadside Tavern, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare. April 30.

What you may need to know…

01. From a town famed for matchmaking festivals and so forth, springs up RoadBurren Fleadh, packing both a killer line-out of Irish heaviosity, and a delicious festival-name pun.

02. An all-dayer rather than a weekend blowout, in the style of the Siege of Limerick and its various imitators (fight, etc.), RoadBurren packs a varied bill of artists and producers on the heavier end of the metal and electronic spectra.

03. Headlining are noise/ambient unit From the Bogs of Aughiska, and Galwegian post-metalcore outfit Ilenkus (seen freaking out Saturday shoppers in their home city in the video above). Also on the bill: folk-metallers Celtachor, black-metallers Mortichnia, dark ambient from Ruairí O’Baoghaill, and electroacoustic soundscaping from Barry Dillon.

04. Alongside the merchandise stands and craft beer will be a screening of the excellent Fractured series of documentaries. A must-see look at the unfairly-ignored but infinitely compelling and evolving Irish metal scene.

Verdict: Get to this if you possibly can. As Ireland’s independent music scene continues to grow and diversify across all genres (without much in the way of help or industry resources), festivals and all-dayers like it will need all the support they receive to become (and stay) viable options for venues and promoters alike, especially outside of the major urban centres.

RoadBurren Fleadh

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  1. Walter-Ego

    Music to do satans work, skinning cats and buying icecream. Seriously, is that what you kids call music these days?

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