In A Relationship


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Inter species hook-up: the mascot that brings pleasure to thousands, and Chompsky (left).


You may notice some advertising for a change for Deliveroo on the ‘sheet?

That’s because Broadsheet are the FIRST Irish website to become an affiliate partner with Deliveroo.

The deal means that it’s the last throw of the dice let’s face it Deliveroo will pay the ‘sheet for every reader that uses their service.

The more you eat the more we eat.

We take a sip of your milkshake. You drink the majority of it.

Are we disrupting the online advertising industry and indeed supply side economic theory or are we…hey, are you eating/having that?

Stevan Popovic, Affiliate Partnerships Manager at Deliveroo, sez:

“We’re very excited to be working with as an affiliate partner, our first one in Ireland. We’re always looking to work with local partners and are always producing content with a distinctly Irish flavour and humour. We look forward to a flourishing partnership.”

*looks up meaning of ‘affiliate’*

Fupp yeah.

Any Broadsheet readers (in Ireland or the UK) inclined to use our affiliate Deliveroo should click in the image below or this link.

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27 thoughts on “In A Relationship

    1. Caroline

      Either that or there’s a shiny new toy to be used in the LJG comment section. *barely suppresses evil cackle*

    2. Tibor

      Ah, proper sponsorship, now you can leave LJG to promote himself with his appearances on primary school programmes on RTÉ, punching above his weight even there but it’s closer to his target audience.

      Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of his.

      1. Tibor

        You know what? I immediately regret this comment.
        LJG isn’t my cup of tea, but pageviews and hits on his videos speak more than a few comments on broadsheet.

        Broadsheet, best of luck partnering with Deliveroo. They don’t deliver near me but glad to see you guys doing well for yourselves.

  1. Major Thrill

    I worked in affiliate marketing for three years. On quick inspection there’s a surprising lack of evil tracking information involved here. Nice work folks.

  2. Smith

    Great, I’m all on for supporting a company paying pittance to workers delivering food all over the city on bicycles.

      1. Em-malicious

        I wouldn’t be so sure. I didn’t want to go as far as filling out their forms but this clause in the online application form for ‘drivers’ (which is apparently what we call cyclists now) is somewhat ominous:

        Do you have the right to work in Ireland as a self-employed contractor? *

        Yes – UK, EU, EEA or Swiss Passport or Identity Card

        Other Visa

        You must bring one of these documents to your interview.

        Who covers you if you get knocked off your bike or you get held up at gunpoint for that tasty meat supreme on your back pannier?

  3. Funster Fionnanánn

    Thankfully I don’t live in an area that they deliver to.

    I’m getting this site for free!!!

    Great stuff.

  4. Skeptik

    Tried their site once, they took the order, then cancelled it 10 minutes later citing technical difficulties.
    Just-Eat ever since then.

    1. Shillbot

      Tried Just-eat there a few weeks ago and they threw a chicken korma into me garden tied to a brick. Then I got Ebola. Deffo Deliveroo for me from now on

      1. Bachelor

        Got hit in the head with a brick and run over by a bike recently. Beans on toast for me from now on.

  5. Joe835

    Glad to see Broadsheet attracting advertisers like this, would love to support this link-up but given Deliveroo’s *tiny* delivery radius, it’s not really an option. I mean it’s not really an option in Clontarf, never mind the commuter belt, whereas Just Eat were good to go in Ashbourne pretty much since it started.

    But good luck to it all the same.

  6. Dhaughton99

    Any chance of a free chicken balls and chips for all the bullcrap comments I put up. It’s the least you can do.
    Throw in a can of Coke while yer at it.

  7. Ultravox

    Deliveroo – ah yes, the “gig” economy. Or as we call them on the bikes in Ultravox Towers: sad basterds. Just one full pedal rotation away from Jobbridge.

  8. Wayne Carr

    Genuine question. Who runs Is there a way of finding out?

    Who is the Fionnan Sheehan of broadsheet?

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