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Deliveroo couriers are boycotting parts of Dublin

Via Wired:

The information allowed riders to pin and colour code “areas de risco” or “danger areas” on Google Maps.  Much of Dublin’s north east inner city, which includes communities like Summerhill, East Wall and Mountjoy Square and shopping and commercial districts like Henry Street or Talbot Street, are designated no-go zones. Deliveroo says that increased support for riders is under consideration and that it has been working with the Irish police.

Faced with assault, Deliveroo couriers are boycotting parts of Dublin (Wired)

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This afternoon.

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The Spire, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.



Thiago Cortes

At 5pm.

A vigil for Brazil-born Thiago Cortes, a 28-year-old Deliveroo cyclist who was killed following a hit-and-run on the north Liffey quays on Monday night, will take place at The Spire, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

JEH writes:

I thought this  was worth sharing as it’s a genuine tragedy and there are at least a few active cyclists on here.

Thiago  had a wife and family, doing a job that so many people take for granted when they flip a few bob to the app for that delivery fee.

Cycling around at night, going to door-to-door to complete strangers during a global pandemic, all for a couple of beans per order.

I hope everyone can spare a thought for this poor fella next time they order delivery. There’s a cost greater than the 2.50 delivery charge.

Gardaí searching for four people after fatal hit-and-run (RTÉ)

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