17 thoughts on “Anything Good On Facebook?

  1. DubLoony

    RTE have pics of 4 leaders on their website.
    Anyone wanting to change has a choice of Gerry Adams or Michael Martin for Taoiseach. Sobering.

  2. redser

    That’s quite badly written and a bit thrown together isn’t it? Is that intentional do you think or what?.
    Jaysus, the quality’s about as good as a college students’… No disrespect to amateur videogaphers/editors but surely this should be much more polished for this sort of stage.

    1. Ahh Feck

      Jesus, in a video 1 minute and 41 seconds long they managed to use the same shot of Enda twice. Good work lads, nice editing.

  3. ahjayzis


    The best slick foreign PR propaganda money can buy always LOOKS like the best slick foreign PR propaganda money can buy.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Fine Gael supporters everywhere should be embarrassed and ashamed at their party churning out propaganda drivel like that.

    1. Same old same old

      I managed about 40 seconds because I knew people like you would need a report
      It was real drivel

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