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  1. ahjayzis

    Same thing happened to me when I was about the same age. Canvasser rocks up, about 2pm in the day “Is your mammy or daddy home?”, I responded no, because it was 2pm in the day. Then Emmett Stagg himself rocks up, says to canvasser “Leave it, come on”, and two of them walked off.

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      He’s just practicing for when he retires and can write angry letters all day long

    1. Drebbin

      Full text:

      “Enda Kenny has been in Dáil Éireann since 1975. For 40 years, he has not taught in a school. He has not registered with the Teaching Council and has long since outgrown the leather patches he once sported on either elbow. And yet he has taught my body to respond, with a fierce country urgency, to the manly Mayo timbre of his voice. One word, however halting, and my décolletage heaves like the white haunches of a pony at a point-to-point. If I could describe to you the gush of desire that floods down through my torso, you would throw away your underpants and your inhibitions, and join me here in his hydrangeas, hoping for one glimpse of glory through the tassels of his bedroom blinds.”

      It’s signed Marie-Louise.

  2. Grouse

    This has happened to me at 32. But I was staying in a very nice house at the time. It doesn’t happen in my current place because my parents wouldn’t fit in here with me.

  3. Bertie Blenkinsop

    It’s a bit like the old joke

    A salesman knocks on a door and a little kid answers with a cigar in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other.

    ‘Oh, I’m sorry”, says the salesman, “are your Mum or Dad at home?”

    The kid looks at the whiskey and cigar and says
    “What do you fooking think?”

    But Leather Jacket Guy just offered me 20 euro for it.

  4. jack johnson

    Linky linky :

    Sir, – Enda Kenny has been in Dáil Éireann since 1975. For 40 years, he has not taught in a school. He is not registered with the Teaching Council and could not, therefore, be employed by any school in the country. To those who use “teacher” as a term of abuse for politicians, Enda Kenny is not a teacher! – Yours, etc,

  5. Donger

    Happened me two weeks ago and I’m 31. Big deal. It’s a ticket to a quick exit, “no mammy & daddy are out, goodbye”

  6. Platypus Parcel

    Don’t lie Rupert, they took one look at you and said, ‘this guys not going to the polls on Friday’.

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