The Mellow Mick Road


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The Wallace Is Out There.

A new video recapping independent TD Mick Wallace’s general election campaign by Strawberry Films, who say:

Football, doorstepping, death and smear campaigns during Mick Wallace’s 2016 General Election campaign in Wexford.

Bonus extra:
‘sheet throb Dr Julien Mercille.

Music: Sabotage by The Beastie Boys, Fallen Angel by Neil Young.

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22 thoughts on “The Mellow Mick Road

  1. Jake38

    “Football, doorstepping, death and smear campaigns during Mick Wallace’s 2016 General Election campaign in Wexford..” No mention of taxes. His..

      1. Tony M

        He repaid all his and his companies’ debts then? That’s news to me. Are you sure taxpayers didn’t have to pay out millions as a result of his recklessness?

        1. Lorcan Nagle

          Relevant paragaph:

          “In June 2012, The Irish Times reported that Wallace had made a seven-figure settlement with Revenue for under-payment of VAT. The sum related to his company MJ Wallace Ltd. Wallace admitted in the course of the article that he had knowingly made false declarations to the authorities. Under the agreement with the Revenue Commissioners, MJ Wallace Ltd was found to have underdeclared VAT liabilities on returns by €1,418,894. Interest came to €289,146 and penalties amounting to €425,668 were imposed, giving a total of €2,133,708.[19] Ceann Comhairle Seán Barrett wrote to the Oireachtas Committee on Members’ Interests Chairman asking him to convene an inquiry.[20] When Wallace told an RTÉ radio programme in October 2012 that he once “threatened to hire a hitman to recover an IR£20,000 debt from a building firm”, a complaint was filed with Gardaí by a former Navy officer who runs a public information website.[21] Later the same month, Finian McGrath resigned as Chairman of the Dáil technical group when Wallace returned to the loose alliance against the wishes of many of its members.[22]”

          1. Tony M

            Firstly, it worries me that you quote Wikipedia as an authoritative source. I hope you never write a thesis.

            Secondly, it says nothing about Wallace repaying all his debts. He merely made a “settlement” on one of his debts.

          2. Lorcan Nagle

            This isn’t a thesis, it’s an internet discussion. And you said taxes up top, which was the point I was addressing.

          3. Tony M

            No, Jake38 said “taxes”, I said “debts”
            Yes, its an internet discussion, but quoting from a website that could’ve been edited by my cat doesn’t inspire confidence.

          4. Lorcan Nagle

            Sorry, I didn’t notice you were a different responder – I didn’t go back up to check the initial post. While Wikipedia can be bedited by anyone, it’s very rare that unsourced changes stay up (a friend of mine changed the Farscape article to say “Star Trek with Muppets”, and it was reverted within minutes). And at any rate, there’s plenty of footnotes. Googling Mick Wallace Tax brings up a half-dozen articles about the settlement with Revenue.

            As for other debts, so long as he’s paying them off at a rate that’s agreeable between him and his creditors, is there a problem? Almost every business has debts.

          5. Tony M

            The problem lies with him pretending he has the moral authority to call out other elected officials on all sorts of misdeeds (usually without any proof) while he himself effectively stole from his own employees and left taxpayers out of pocket. I think we should expect a higher standard from our elected politicians and an even higher standard from self-appointed whistle-blowing politicians.

          6. Tony M

            I disagree. Only last month he was in court fighting a judgment for over €2,000,000 against him and refusing to take responsibility for the debt he freely accumulated during better times.
            Of course businesses run up debts and sometimes they are unsustainable, but if a business owner wants to hold elected office he should at least face up to his responsibilities before expecting others to face up to theirs.

  2. rotide

    choice of music seems ironic given the beasties continued refusal to licence any of their music for advertising purposes

    1. Baz

      ah sure I’m just a pink shirt wearing soccer loving charlatan who ran my fathers company (on the go since 1971 but my idiocy bankrupted it) into the ground with massive debts, stiffed my workers pensions, left subcontractors to sink, and cheated on my taxes you hardly expect me to respect copyright law, I’m too busy tricking the idiots of Wexford into thinking that I am that loser Christy Moores ideal man in the flesh, they fell for it once already and it kept the banks off my back for 5 years…. gotta run, fools to fool

  3. Wayne Carr

    Was the whole thing about him stealing pensions from employees true, or just the establishment trying to blacken his name?

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      He claims there was a discrepancy in 2009, and this lead to arrears. It looks like the money was taken from his employees’ paycheques but not all of it was paid to the pension fund, and he did eventually pay up.

      1. Paddy

        Of course, if you did a bit more googling, you’d find out that the pensions were full,paid up.
        Now – how’s Regina Doherty getting on with her breaking the laws as regards company laws in relation to loans to herself from her company – which owes Revenue and others? Sauce for the goose and all that!

  4. Skeptical O'Hare

    Revenue can’t handle the Wallace.
    Peter Robinson can’t handle the Wallace.
    NAMA can’t handle the Wallace.
    Cerberus can’t handle the Wallace.
    The Gardai can’t handle the Wallace.
    INM can’t handle the Wallace.
    The Ceann Comhairle can’t handle the Wallace.
    Loony Labour loyalists can’t handle the Wallace.
    The judicial system can’t handle the Wallace.
    And I dare say even Mick Wallace can’t handle the Wallace.
    The man is out of control.

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