A Thousand Words



From top: Fr Niall Molloy; This week’s Roscommon Herald

Crime scene images of the bloodied body of Fr Niall Molloy may be made public in an effort to re-open the case.

They show Fr Niall on the floor of Richard and Theresa Flynn’s home with wounds to his face and pools of blood surrounding his body. And appear to contradict several witness statement made in the aftermath of the 1985 death.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald was given copies of the photos last year but has made no further contact with Fr Molloy’s family.

Roscommon Herald

Previously: Fr Niall Molloy on Broadsheet

Thanks William Maher

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14 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

      1. Bill Maher

        Numerous people involved in the cover up. A simple comparison of witness statements alone show up many contradictions. But no one has bothered to check them out including the Gardai, Journalists etc.

    1. Bill Maher

      I am a Nephew of Fr Molloy and we have never claimed that. We were told that Brian Lenihan was present when Niall was attacked. There were other people also present who are still alive.

      1. Paddy

        Thanks for the clarification Bill.
        I’d read the thread on politics.ie and find it difficult to understand why various justices ministers are – afraid? – to deal with this properly. Today is the first time I’ remember seeing a name of an attendee at the house. There seems to be a massive circling of wagons.

  1. Karen

    I’m not libelling anyone. But BS took down my comment, because they’re afraid of getting into trouble, even tho they can’t.

  2. poppy

    I think that the family should release these crime scene photographs of Fr Molloy.And spread them worldwide to expose this shameful corrupt justice in ireland.

  3. Peter Dempsey

    Maybe Broadsheet are censoring Karen because the victim was a Catholic priest (and we know how anti-religious this place is).

    1. kevin

      … which would explain why they’ve continued their coverage of the murder of Fr. Molloy for so long. Oh wait, no, it wouldn’t.

  4. Bill Maher

    The Fr Molloy case is not the only case ignored by Frances Fitzgerald. There are many others. She spent most of her time attending events which gave her photo opportunities. Ministers think that the number of times their picture appears in the media is a measure of success. Pity she did not spend more time actually concentrating on the job she was appointed to do.
    Many families will be glad to see her out of the Department of Justice . A Department which is in need of reform see. http://www.justice.ie/en/JELR/Independent%20Review%20Accessible.pdf/Files/Independent%20Review%20Accessible.pdf

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