Anything Good In The Phoenix?


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Pic: The Phoenix Magazine (Facebook)

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25 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Phoenix?

    1. Tish Mahorey

      FF/FG scenario:

      If Fianna Fail manage to get enough independents (such as Healy-Raes) to support Martin for Taoiseach, then FG will be playing second fiddle.

      There is a very real possibility of FF/SF/Others with Martin as Taoiseach.

      1. Frilly Keane

        I don’t think so.
        Martian will need 30+ Independents + Social Dems

        Try managing them…
        Sur he’d can mind John McGuiness
        How da’ûck will he cope with all the Mattie’s and Sowt Kirries

        And Roisin Shortall will make him look like a whimpering pup

  1. Drebbin

    There are four on the list, it seems. Glen Killane and Kevin Bakhurst from RTE, Stephen Rae and Lucy Gaffney.

    We will all rejoice around here if they choose the first female DG in RTE’s history, of course. She has lots of business and media experience too. She’s a close associate of Denis O’Brien’s, chairwoman of his broadcasting company, and a director of Topaz, INM and several other Broadsheet favourites.

    If you corner the pitchfork market, you could get rich off this.

    1. jambon

      That would be great, a minion of Dinny’s (Stephen Rae or Lucy Gaffney) with a controlling stake in state media too. I think that would go down well with most people and certainly wouldn’t have a large portion of the population protesting in the grounds of Montrose. For months. With or without pitchforks.

      1. Drebbin

        I’d guess it will go to one of the internal guys. But then I wouldn’t have seen either of the DOBlets making the shortlist, so what do I know?

  2. kerryview

    I’m slightly confused. Will Stephen Rae be in a position to promote his own movies? Surely some conflict of interest involved.

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