14 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Mail?

  1. Joe cool

    Meanwhile over at journal.ie towers. They’ve put the man shot in Belfast story as a part of their live election blog. Man ain’t even cold and it’s being used as election propaganda

    1. ahjayzis

      See their poll yesterday? Conducted by DIT students… had FG and Labour heading for re-election. Outlier!

  2. Cup of tea anyone?

    I saw a poster today, It had the soc Dem purple on it and Vote Roderick in white. It didn’t mention what party they were with but I know there are no Soc Dems in my area (unfortunately).

    Are some other candidates trying to use Soc Dems good name to sway those who are undecided/uninformed?

    1. Paul

      I saw this the other day with a little Labour ‘rose’ in the top right. Colour association being a thing as it is in America (Red Republican, Blue Democrat).

    2. meadowlark

      That’s exactly what they’re doing. I saw the purple posters that Labour lashed up last week and got all excited as I thought that the SocDems had a candidate in my area. In fact it’s just Labour acting the maggot. If SocDems do well today, they could be a very credible threat to the strength of Labour’s position,not that they’ll have much of one after today.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      They’re the only option really but only the 14 candidates. Hopefully they’ll stay out of government, assuming it’d be to prop up FG or FF and by the time the next elections come, they’ll have gained enough popularity to form a government. Hopefully.

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