25 thoughts on “Feck

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Rest in Peace Frank Kelly, thanks for the all the happy times. A great actor and a finer gentleman would be hard to find. Legend. Hope you and Dermot have a happy reunion up there in St Clabbards. Will it be a little drinkie or a nice cup of tea. “Arsebiscuits!”.

  2. formerly known as @ireland.com


    He was great in the great Hall’s Pictorial Weekly, as well as Father Ted.
    Feic Feic Feic.

  3. Custo

    I used to have a cassette tape with loads of outtakes from radio ads from the 80s that Frank Kelly did the voice-overs on. Some of them were hilarious. He’s make a slight unnoticeable mistake & just carry on, only usually ruining the ad right at the end. “castrol gtx. If it moves…..fupp it” :D

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