16 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. Praetorian.

      What’s even better than Labour being wiped out completly is that only six of them remain as back benchers with no speaking rights…that in itself is total karma.

    2. rugbyfan

      agree, AK’s party is decimated. subdued celebration should have been the order of the day. Like a self centred striker going bananas after scoring a goal when his team is down 4 already!

  1. poppy

    Why didnt that poor man shot dead today in dublin with a baby only a few weeks old turn his back on gang? Wasn’t he told his life was in danger? He should have feiced off , and started afresh. His misfortunate family and tiny baby fatherless. It’s not worth it

  2. perricrisptayto

    “Martin calls for a month of “reform talks”.?
    I run a small business with 4 people dependant on my every decision, every minute.
    Based on his logic, I should never need to worry about any decision I should ever take again. A fupping month to decide on what model /colour Mercedes/BMW I should have,compared to someone else’s.
    Jeebus crispo, help us all.

  3. panga

    where is the reporting on the NAMA scandal????
    you can bet yer bottom dollar had SF been involved in anyway shape or form it would’ve been front page news on all rags
    oh and Thanks a mill to the BBC for doing RTE’S job
    Surely Noonan didn’t just roll over……….and don’t try telling me Robinson hoodwinked him
    Taurum Stercore

    1. Neilo

      We’ll scrap property tax and water charges and build a gazillion and houses and take on those evil American companies that employ people said the left in the run up to the election. No populism there, no siree bob.

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