No Road Unfixed



Anything Good In The Maine Valley Post?

Last night.

Castleisland, Co Kerry.

Motorcyclist ‘Den’ Joe O’Connor (top) and passenger, Danny Healy Rae TD (Top) and Michael Healy Rae (below) with supporters, from left: Betty O’Connell Mary O’Reilly, Martina Long and Ann Foran during the Healy Rae Thanksgiving Tour of the Kerry constituency where the brothers won a seat a piece.

Thanksgiving Tour Stops for Champagne and Selfies (Maine Valley Post)

Photographs: John Reidy

13 thoughts on “No Road Unfixed

  1. Green fingered

    Sure if Danny has his way we’ll all we driving around swigging on bottles of Charlemagne very soon.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Interesting thing a thumbs
      I saw a lad on the Luas yesterday
      With 2nd thumb on his right hand

      I’d never ever seen the 6 fingers anomaly before
      Now I have

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