An Increase Of Over 35%



We would like to add our voices in support of Sharon O’Halloran of Safe Ireland, when she states (February 23rd) that the issue of domestic violence is a horrific reality faced every day by thousands of women and children in Ireland.

And not just by women and children.

The incidence of domestic violence where men are the victims is also on the increase. In 2014, slightly over 6,500 contacts were received by Amen, an increase of just over 35 per cent on the previous year.

Amen Support Services has been providing support and help to male victims of domestic abuse for almost 18 years.

We welcome the contribution by Hozier in the Cherry Wine video to increasing awareness of domestic violence and hope that the often ignored issue of male victims of such violence will continue to be highlighted.

Niamh Farrell,
Amen Support Services,
St Anne’s Resource Centre,
Railway Street,
Co Meath.

Male victims of domestic violence (Irish Times letters page)


8 thoughts on “An Increase Of Over 35%

  1. Topcat

    Why would she include men in her figures everyone knows men are perpetrators not victims

  2. phill sheehy

    sorry to burst your cloud there topcat, men are abused by their partners, there is little support out there, particularly when kids are involved, the men are expected to suck it up and get on with it. men presenting as victims of domestic violence, are asked if they have hit their abuser. trust me there are abusers out there who get away with it and are tolerated as men are expected to take a punch and put up with it

    1. Anne

      Lot of women end up murdered by their spouses too..
      Take one Molly Martens, up for murdering Jason Corbett. A baseball bat and brick were used on him.

  3. Joe

    Men might typically be physically dominant to women, but not always and everywhere the case. And even it it was, it’s not acceptable for a woman to think it inconsequential to threaten or physically strike a man.

    Domestic violence has become gender-specific. One of the contemporary issues of our time.

    The lack of interest in men’s rights points to third wave feminism – the battle of the sexes. Putting sex into legislation rather than taking it out etc.

    1. Deluded

      You don’t have to be physically dominant to bully or abuse someone.
      I think we portrayed domestic violence as a men’s right which makes me wonder at your third point.
      Men have always been in charge, what have they done about this? None of this is new. Feminism* tries to communicate how certain attitudes and resultant laws affect everyone and the most vulnerable fare the worst.

      *whatever you want, I’m not a representative

  4. Joe

    I don’t understand how Hozier’s video highlighted the issue of violence against men. The song seems to be about it but the video shows domestic violence toward a woman. It looks like someone made a business decision!

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