29 thoughts on “Closing Credit

  1. DubLoony

    Wonder if there wold be a brave /foolish soul out there who would want to take it on?
    Lighthouse has shown what needs to be done for value added approach to cinema.

    1. Harry Molloy

      never been to the lighthouse, maybe they could take it over? Be cool to have something simnilar on the right side of the river

      1. Alex Lyons

        site was already sold to same developer who bough An Post building next door and department of health building behind it so thats a pretty huge city centre site

        silver lining is huge office development = big companies = jobs

          1. Harry Molloy

            That the Dept of Health building?

            If so, easily the ugliest building in Dublin. Ironically, it looks like the type of place you’d catch TB.

        1. Harry Molloy

          I don’t know, have been to the IFI lots and really like it. But the super trendies I know at work who live over in Smithfield/Stoneybatter would say that there’s no comparison. Why, I don’t know :)

          1. Lorcan Nagle

            Having been in both, they’re both perfectly nice, and I suppose the selection in the Lighthouse is a little less arthouse than the IFI, but not by much. It could just be a trendiness thing – I grew up in the area and am old enough to remember when Smithfield was nothing but warehouses and council houses so that doesn’t really effect me the same way.

  2. missred

    Very sad, I was fond of the Screen. If someone takes it over, can they refurbish the awful structure it is built upon?

    1. kurtz

      D’Olier street has possibly the ugliest, most decrepit set of buildings in the city centre. A total eyesore. It needs developing.

      1. Andy

        D’olier street, has some beautiful Georgian buildings with the old art deco Dublin Gas Company building.
        The Harp office block is pretty ugly but if it was tidied up (made all shinny & glassy) it would contrast really well with the rest of the street.
        The street has huge potential.

          1. Andy

            I don’t know but you’ve now put the tune to

            “School Around the Corner”

            into my head. But I’m humming it to the wheels on the bus!!!!!!!!!

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