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God Creative & Crimes AgainstGodzillah

A YMLT premiere. Here’s what you may need to know…

01. God Creative is Darren Dwyer, a rapper, lyricist and artist from Darndale in Dubland. He met his creative partner after landing on the couch of his studio while out on on a ‘session’.

02. Crimes Against is electronic producer Dan Doherty, formerly of bands Ghost Estates and Sickboy. He also currently runs said studio, Darklands Audio, where the duo’s upcoming release was written and recorded.

03. This is the lead-off to their upcoming album ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’, released on the duo’s own imprint, Slap in the Face. It releases March 4.

04. As part of the single’s launch, the lads are playing Dublin’s Chocolate Factory on March 26th

Verdict: God’s Dublin-accented holler and Crimes’ skittish noise are good bedfellows, with the lads taking their cues from noise-hop staples like Death Grips and Run the Jewels. It sets a good tone for their upcoming album.

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7 thoughts on “You May Like This: God Creative & Crimes Against

  1. Charles

    I know it’s quite uncouth to criticise those who are working hard, but I’ve yet to hear an Irish person rapping that wasn’t terrible.

  2. Elastisious

    Good tune… Not too often u hear good rap from Ireland! Or maybe there just isn’t enough of a platform for them!

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