6 thoughts on “Around The Block

    1. Tish Mahorey


      For the .02% of lads who might become a pilot.

      I find a kind loving Father who imparts useful knowledge and wisdom combined with the right level of discipline is good enough for most young lads.

      1. Tony

        What a pious self righteous male gential you are.

        BS wouldn’t be the same without you Mr T you silly old stuffed shirt

  1. David

    Brrr brrr, brrr brrr…


    “Hi, is that the 21st century?”


    “Oh hi, this is the last century, the 20th. I just saw that video on Broadsheet. You’re not still on with that idiotic waste of time and energy we started are you? It’s like tattoos, knowarramean? You’ll regret it. Or Boyzone, for cripes sake.”

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