Bed To The Bone



This afternoon.

St Vincent’s Hospital, Merrion road,, Dublin

A lunchtime protest against staffing levels and overcrowding in the hospital’s emergency department organised by INMO and attended by AAA/PBP TD Richard Boyd Barrett (above).

St Vincent’s management are accused of ignoring agreed proposals from the Workplace Relations Commission which had averted a nationwide nurse’s strike.

INMO stage one-hour protest over St Vincent’s Hospital staff shortages (RTÉ)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

9 thoughts on “Bed To The Bone

  1. Jake38

    We can throw more (taxpayers) money at the health service until we are blue in the face. It will make NO difference, until such time as incompetent/unnecessary staff can be removed/made redundant. When that happens the HSE will be transformed.

  2. Richard

    This will not be popular, but we don’t need more nurses, we need more doctors and more beds. Ireland has the highest per-capita number of nurses in the EU.

  3. Iwerzon

    More beds Stat! (???)
    Stop it already. What does stat actually mean. Only ever heard it in ER.

  4. Disgruntled Goat

    Gonna be hard to get more nurses when (as I hear anecdotally), nurses recruited back from the UK, who qualified here but gained experience in the NHS, are being asked to do 6 weeks unpaid placement (ie probation) before taking up the job they were initially recruited to. Absolute bull plop!

    You might get student rate of pay if you kick up a fuss.

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