Meanwhile, In Longford-Westmeath



Fine Gael’s James Bannon and Labour’s Willie Penrose at the Longford-Westmeath count last night

Oh dear.

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Pic: Eugene Deering

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Longford-Westmeath

  1. Jimmy 2 tones

    Come on Longford & West Meath don’t let us down. Rid the country of these crooks

  2. Eoin

    If Penrose gets in then that’ll give Labour 7 seats and speaking rights in the Dail. I’m not sure I care if Labour have speaking rights or not. If not then we don’t have to listen to them anymore. Cool. If they do then it’ll be fun listening to them try to defend themselves. Also cool. :)

  3. Tish Mahorey

    Bannon must have apologised to Sinn Fein for removing their election literature. Otherwise they were going to make a complaint to the Gardaí.

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