The Betrayal


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Dublin-based filmmaker Kamila Dydyna writes:

“My new film The Betrayal is a 30-minute thriller written, directed and shot by women. It focuses on subjects relevant to women today: domestic abuse, revenge porn and sexual identity issues. Shot in Dublin over six days in early February, the film is about to enter post-production. We’re crowdfunding to cover the remaining production and post-production costs.”

Anyone who wishes to donate to the costs can do so here.

The Betrayal 

9 thoughts on “The Betrayal

  1. Turd Ferguson

    “written, directed and shot by women”

    This is EXTREMELY sexist and hippo-critical. If you want equality why not have an equal amount of males/females involved?

  2. Neilo

    I’ll be in the Nice area for a chunk of the tournament. Not a hope in hell of getting a ticket to any matches but watching France play when you’re having a nice Kir Royale is always a laugh: you thought Irish fans were doomy but the French have us well beaten.

  3. gallantman

    An Irish LGBT Thriller on Sexual Identity, Domestic Violence and Revenge Porn. Kept it simple then.

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