11 thoughts on “Supers Going Forward

  1. Cup of tea anyone?

    Guardians of the galaxy will be good. First film was very underrated.

    Wonder how often Deadpool will start popping up in the marvel movies.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      Deadpool is part of the Fox licensing deal, so he won’t show up in the Avengers movies unless Marvel/Disney and Fox work out a deal like they did with Sony for Spider-Man. Fox still have the rights to the X-men, Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider so Deadpool could appear in any of those.

      1. Cup of tea anyone?

        I read an idea for one of the x-men films where it is its usual rating so it only allows one F**k in the whole movie. Deadpool acknowledges this in the beginning of the flick and lets us know that he is saving it for the perfect occasion. He almost uses it several times during the film but just stops himself at the last second. Then at the end during the big fight scene Wolverine says it and Deadpool just stops and turns on him.

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