A Love Supreme



Adrian Hardiman (top) in 2006; Justice Susan Denham this afternoon

This afternoon

The Supreme Court

At a special sitting of the Supreme Court on Monday afternoon, Ms Justice Susan Denham told the packed court she and her colleagues on the court had lost a “a good and true friend”.
The Presidents of the Court of Appeal and High Court, Mr Justice Sean Ryan and Mr Justice Peter Kelly, joined the Chief Justice and the other Supreme Court judges to sit in memory of the late judge whose chair was left empty for the brief special sitting, which was televised.

‘Ireland has lost a colossus of the legal world following the death of Supreme Court judge Adrian Hardiman’ (Irish Independent)




Barrister Adrian Hardiman discusses the 1983 pro life amendemnt with RTÉ’s John Bowman and Brendan Shorthall of the pro-life campaign on Today Tonight.

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10 thoughts on “A Love Supreme

  1. ahjayzis

    RTE foaming at the gash all day over this.

    It always seems to be the intellectual gods and supremely virtuous who die in public life.

  2. Jono

    Great protector of the rights of the accused. Erudite and witty. Well written judgments. A loss to the judiciary.

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