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Volunteer knitters taking part in a Knitted Knockers Knit-In at the bookshop Vibes and Scribes on Bridge Street in Cork at the weekend; and a selection of knitted knockers

Knitted Knockers are soft, lightweight breast prosthesis which can be placed in any bra.

They are knitted or crocheted by volunteers and given free of charge to women who request them.

Last Saturday Knitted Knockers Ireland held their first knit-in – in Vibes and Scribes bookshop in Cork city – where volunteer knitters came together to make them.

Anyone can request knitted knockers by leaving a private message on the Knitted Knockers Ireland Facebook page here.

The message should contain the bra size needed, if you want a single knitted knocker or a pair, if you have a colour preference and your name and address.

Anyone who would like to volunteer to knit or crochet the knitted knockers can also contact the group on their Facebook page.

Fair play, in fairness.

Knitted Knockers Ireland

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