Festivals You May Like: Unconquered Darkness Fest



Unconquered Darkness Fest
April 30th-May 2nd, The Voodoo Lounge, Dublin

What you may need to know…

01. A co-promotion of Irish metal staple Invictus Productions and Colorado-based label Dark Descent Records, Unconquered Darkness Fest is a death-metal/black-metal weekender happening in Dubland’s Voodoo Lounge from April 30 to May 2.

02. Headlining are American death-metal veterans Morpheus Descends, Canada’s Adversarial, and Belgian blackened death-metallers Possession. Lining the undercard is a mix of Irish and international bands, including Invictus and Dark Descent signees.

03.  Heading up the complement of Irish artists are sonic anti-matter manipulators ZOM and Dublin five-piece Vircolac. Also on the bill are Maveth, Lantern and new Invictus signees Malokarpatan.

04. Dark Descent will have a stand on hand with merch and label wares. Tickets are available from Invictus’ webshop, and advance tickets allow for free-in to the Friday night preshow, making it three nights of heaviosity from around the world for fifty beans.

Verdict: The line-out is shaping up to be a seriously weighty weekend, looking well worth the price of admission for genre devotees. *horn sign*

Unconquered Darkness

12 thoughts on “Festivals You May Like: Unconquered Darkness Fest

  1. Custo

    Morpheus Decends is making me laugh.

    I love black metal names.

    Band: Afterbirth
    Song: Aborted Christ.
    Album: Foeticidal Embryo Harvestation.

    that combo will never be beaten imo

  2. Ming

    April 30th – the day the church of Satan was founded…
    April 30th – the day of the Puca in rural Ireland…
    April 30th – the day Gerry Adams volunteered to go to jail and disappeared for four days…

  3. Eoin

    That’s a great lineup. And the Voodoo Lounge is a great venue. Though they could do with a better lineup of BEERS.

  4. Iwerzon

    I thought the Voodoo Lounge was a poker joint these days – is it a music venue again?

  5. JG

    pleasantly surprised to see this mentioned here.

    Quick further information: It’s actually kicking off on the Friday night in the same venue with a 4 band warm up featuring
    Undergang (Denmark)
    Craven Idol (UK/Finland)
    Apostate Viaticum

    Also Maveth and Malthusian have had to drop off the bill unfortunately. Should be a fine weekend. plenty folks travelling from mainland Europe and the US for it.

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