Mother’s Pay



You may recall a previous post about pharmaceutical assistants.

Ailbhe Ní Bhroin, whose mother is a pharmaceutical assistant, explained that proposed changes to legislation will see pharmaceutical assistants only getting 12 hours of work a week.

Ailbhe,  writes:

“I’m going to present my mom with a petition signed by hundreds of people that agree that changing a person’s qualification 42 years after it was conferred is bullshit.

I’m gonna try save my mammy’s job, and those of her 392 colleagues, Please sign or share if you haven’t already. G’wan.”

Petition here

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7 thoughts on “Mother’s Pay

    1. csm

      Because the economy. .Nearly 400 people will be laid off or have their hours curtailed for no reason. It’s not cost cutting. It’s not because there’s no market for their skills. It’s purely a bureaucratic balls up that prevents pharmacies employing who they want to employ.

    2. meadowlark

      Most of the people who hold this qualification are in their fifties, or so I understand. By changing these regulations, holders of the qualification can only work 10 or 12 hours per week, as opposed to, say, 30. This regulation will decimate the income of a group of people who in a decade or so will all be retired.

    3. meadowlark

      Also check the link at the bottom to the previous story on this subject, and you’ll have a better understanding.

    4. Ailbhe

      I’m not asking you to care specifically about my mammy’s job; I’m asking you to care about 393 people’s qualification being changed decades after they were conferred. It’s about a group of almost 400 people, many of whom are still paying off mortgages, suddenly finding themselves unqualified where they’ve been qualified their entire careers. The “my mammy” bit is my reason for doing this; never wanting to find yourself a few years from retirement and suddenly deemed incapable of doing your job – through no fault of your own – is why you should care.

  1. tomkildare

    The same thing happened for estate agents with the property regulator and the architects regulator. All the worthless quango’s are all jobs for the FG boys

  2. stephen

    I’m really not sure why pharmacists are pushing this my Mam was a pharmaceutical assistant and it worked out great for the pharmacist she worked for. He was able to take a day of midweek to play his golf without having to hire another pharmacist, going on holidays no bother covered for that. Had he to employ a pharmacist full time would have been far more expensive. Seems mad to me but there you go, she is retired now but feel sorry for those who are still in the workforce, limited as their number may be, petition signed

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