You’re Going To Get Your Viking Head Kicked In




The Irish Wolfhound writes:

The hit TV show ‘Vikings’, shot down in Ashford Studios, Co. Wicklow, has featured some hard hitting, high octane action over it’s four seasons.

In this clip from the new series, Irish Actor Moe Dunford (in black) and Irish Stunt Professional Keith Ward engage in a gritty no holds barred fight for a key that unlocks the tower in which the Queen is being held captive.

It’s worth noting that no stunt double was required for the Herculean effort that Moe brings to this fight.

The episode ‘Kill the Queen’ Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Vikings’, is directed by another Irish professional – award winning director Ciaran Donnelly.

2 thoughts on “You’re Going To Get Your Viking Head Kicked In

  1. Nialler

    And an excellent fight it was too. Even had begrudgers throwing rocks at them from above.

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