A Long, Cool Michael Collins



Mary Mac’s ‘Michael Collins’ Cocktail

50ml Dingle Gin

30ml Apple Juice

20ml Lemon juice

3 Blackberries, muddled (bash it with the end of a rolling pin in the shaker)

Thyme Sprigs

Top up with tonic

Shake with ice and fine strain.



The Countess

35ml Zubrovka Vodka

20ml Apple vodka

15ml Apple Juice

10ml Lemon Juice

Pink Lady apple, muddled (bash it with a rolling pin!)

Shake with ice and fine strain. Garnish with a sugared apple slice.

A round of 1916 Rising cocktails from Mary Mac of Punchdrunk Cocktails.


Three Cocktail Recipes to celebrate the centenary of 1916: The Irish Rising (TheCircular)


Pics: Liosa McNamara

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6 thoughts on “A Long, Cool Michael Collins

  1. Willie Banjo

    I’ll have a Michael Collins.

    A Michael Collins?

    Yes – just one shot then hit the road.

    (Courtesy of Nighthawks circe 1990)

      1. Romy Thomas

        I was on nighthawks once (the night the black velvet band and michael d higgins were on) drinking underage on the telly with school in the morning.

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