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Loner DeluxeWinters Last Fire

What you may need to know…

01. Loner Deluxe is the nom-de-beats and solo folktronica project of Rusted Rail Records man, Keith Wallace.

02.…like a blend of Godspeed, Four Tet, glitchy little electronic sound effects, haunting fairground music, Boards of Canada and a kinda strange psyche folk version of My Bloody Valentine“, said the dearly departed Road Records at one point.

03. Winters Last Fire, is the lead song on the project’s newest ‘digital cassingle’ Snowed Under, released this past January. Animated sci-fi visuals courtesy of Galway’s Tiny Epics.

04. The song was selected as part of An Taobh Tuathail Vol. 7 by RnaG tastemaker Cian O’Cíobháin, alongside tunes by Sufjan Stevens and Nils Frahm, among others. Good company.

05. Snowed Under is the winter-themed sequel to previous digital cassingle (which is a nice concept for small groupings of songs that don’t quite feel like a “proper” E.P., in fairness) The Coast is Clear.

Verdict: We might be a bit past winter but this is still music to come home and put on a cup of tay to…

Loner Deluxe

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