Union Jacks



The Fenian Café, Falls Road, Belfast

While the majority of the merchandise on sale relates to historic republican figures and 1916 there are a number of items of questionable taste including ‘Union jack toilet tissue’.

“Almost everything we sell is of our own, we design almost all of it,” the staff member said.

However, he did add that while most of the items have historic significance some of the items were intended to be tongue in cheek and for the benefit of tourists.

Fenian cafe with ‘IRA’ sign defends Union flag toilet tissue (Irish News)

15 thoughts on “Union Jacks

    1. ahyeah

      Especially when you consider that flag incorporates the St Patrick’s Cross (red saltire on white background), which represents the island of Ireland. Assume you’re supposed to keep that part clean, wipe your muck on the other parts.

      1. Neilo

        In fairness, the gold bars that egress through my fundament don’t require the usual hygiene protocols.

          1. Neilo

            It’s true that I could be mistaken for the late, great King Of Rock’n’Roll during his avoirdupois period.


    Depends on whos questioning it, I once had my taste in music questioned, but never my clothes… I sleep easy

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