A Cut Above


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The Meteor Knife from Perceval – a Damascus steel blade (made from hammer-welding and multi-forging strips of iron and steel) attached to a handle carved from the Muonionalusta meteorite discovered in 1906 near the village of Kitkiöjärvi on the Sweden/Finland border.

No two the same.

Yours for between €4,500 and €4,720.


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14 thoughts on “A Cut Above

      1. dav

        not a question of like it’s a question of history.
        blushirts in government have an election – lose & then shaft their leader… rinse & repeat

    1. Scooperman

      If I had enough money to be spending on tat I don’t need this is definitely how I’d be spending it

  1. Niallo

    Its a short step from lusting after knives and guns, to animal cruelty, and ultimately to acts of savagery against peeps.

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