Anything Good In The Irish Times?



A statement from Belfast property developer Gareth Graham.

Mr Graham has settled his court action against US company Cerberus, the firm which eventually bought Nama’s Northern Ireland property loan portfolio, Project Eagle – which had a par value of €5.7billion – for €1.6billion.


Action against US company Cerberus settled by businessman (Irish Times)

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Pic Mark Tighe

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5 thoughts on “Anything Good In The Irish Times?

  1. DubLoony

    The only statement he will make really? Isn’t making false accusations a bit of a serious thing?

    1. Andy

      Ouch, quite a climb down from the gentleman. Covering their legal costs too.

      Is the NI report/evidence collapsing?

      Someone still has answers to give and a big fat invoice to cash……..

  2. irishstu

    If you’re a company that’s sensitive about its brand and how the public perceives you, why would you call yourself after a monsterous multi-headed hound that guards the gates of hell?

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