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The Coyote Vest – a formidable double laminated, biteproof waistcoat designed to prevent your precious lambkins from being savaged and/or carried off by ravening coyotes (or other dogs).

Available in three different variants (from $20 [17.85] to $60 [53.60],+ shipping) with options for metal spikes, ‘whiskers’ and a remote controlled electric shocker.


6 thoughts on “Bow WoW

  1. Sheila

    My Mam’s dog could have done with one just before Christmas.

    She has no tail now, but small price to pay to still have her around.

    Hard to tell now if she’s happy or really happy… ;)

    1. Sheila

      A bit late, but to clarify:

      It was an unprovoked attack by two security dogs who got out from their yard and attacked from behind. My mum and her dog never saw them coming.

  2. some old queen

    Took my elderly mother’s small dog into Phoenix park some years ago. He was aggressively attacked by a black Doberman type mix wearing a collar with spikes.The owner apologised and was shocked her darling would do such a thing. My mother’s dog was covered in blood so I took him to the vet on the corner of NCR.

    After a wet towel wash it transpired he hadn’t a scratch on him. Maybe she had good reason for such protection as her dog had clearly not been socialised with others?

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