Meanwhile, In Ballymun


Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm is back in the country (Newstalk)




This morning.

Photographers (top) outside Dublin District Court await Mr Drumm’s arrival (top).


30 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ballymun

  1. 15 cents

    he doesn’t have to worry about a thing now that hes back in ireland. The worst is behind him when he actually had to be behind bars in the states. Nothing like that will happen to him here, in fact, id say when he enters the court he’ll get a warm welcome

    1. dav

      He’ll be welcomed into the backroom for tea with the barristers as soon as the trial is adjourned, just like his boss was a few years back.

    2. Spoiler Alert

      And with Fianna Fáil likely to return to government he’ll get a slap on the back and a nightly table at Shanahan’s on the green with Bertie et al.

        1. classter

          Enda’s deep thinking seems to have been that with FF decimated, there was a gap to be filled if FG could only emulate FF in style, approach & competence.

  2. Maria

    Drumm has left his wife and children back in US. Obviously expects to be back with them soon. If our Legal Eagles shook the hand of Seanny Fitz when he came to Court, they must be planning fireworks and BBQ session for our David. No real justice in Ireland.

  3. Funster Fionnanánn

    Not a penny, not a just sentence.

    The ultimate Boston boy is in town.

    He missed the Ireland match.

    Should be in a nice corporate box this time next year.

  4. ollie

    No handcuffs, no having to face the public in the airport buildings. Car with blacked out windows
    Compare this to the treatment of the water protestors who had their houses raided by dozens of Gardaí with prior tip off to the media.
    Preferential treatment started before he’d even set foot on Irish soil.

    Drumm won’t do any time in jail. We have already seen ex. bankers convicted of providing illegal loans. They faced 5 years in jail but got 240 hours community service. The justice system in Ireland is an absolute joke.

    1. SB

      I’d rather they didn’t give him an excuse to claim he can’t get a fair trial because of them showboating him at the airport

      1. ollie

        “I’d rather they didn’t give him an excuse to claim he can’t get a fair trial because of them showboating him at the airport”

        Dumbest comment of the day

    2. rotide

      those sentences were more than anyone in America got for causing the whole thing, so out system is obviously better than theirs

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