18 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Clampers Outside!

    “Can men read it?”

    “Will men be bored with another man bashing book or is there actually something worthwhile in it?”

    I do wonder though… is it women asking the question? Meanwhile, I’ll wait for Tara to finish the “giant sexy robot” story.

    1. The Real Jane

      Poor old men. Will these whinging women never stop boring them with their complaints about inequality? Obvs it would all go away if women would just stop stupid talking with their stupid womeney voices and boring womeney topics.

  2. Tony

    Why would anyone write an article like Tara wrote? I think she is writing for the converted, not an inch of difference will this make except confirming the view of many non-feminists (not me), that its all a bunch of arch, superior, self promoting dung.

    1. Brendan O'

      The women’s podcast is so middle class lefty whitest Irish with a Twitter account. Tara is one of their favourite people.

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