29 thoughts on “How Now, Clown Brow

    1. The People's Hero

      You sound surprised! This is Broadsheet. Like the Daily Mail, they paint themselves that they are of the people…. That they are proud banner bearers of social justice and righteousness. But in reality, and like the Daily Mail, they are expert agent provocateurs and click-baiters that in this case demonstrates their misogyny in this re-posting…

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        You have a point. I mean, I wouldn’t get emotional about a post about eyebrows on a relatively obscure blog in the corner of the internet but ‘Our government and society should be doing more to help people with mental illness……hahaha look at all these womens stupid eyebrows, most of whom probably have a mental/emotional illness.’ Yeah.

        1. The People's Hero

          It’s not the specifics, more the double standard and editorial doublespeak…. I mean, I quite enjoy a lot of the stuff posted here… But there’s a definitel rot that exists. For a fun-time blog that’s all good an well but good money is generated for the proprietor and exploitative posts like this one bug me…. “Let’s all laugh at these specific unfortunates – don’t these women all look like clowns!?” It’s a very unpleasant side and again highlights the rot in Broadsheet.

          1. Tony

            Begone you ridiculous, goose-stepping ponce! Come back when you grow a sense of humour and remove the stick from your bottom.

      2. ahjayzis

        I think it’s misogynistic to think women can never look plain silly.

        These women look silly.

        If you can find a bloke with eyebrows as bad (god knows I have), why not submit em?

      3. Medium Sized C

        Misogyny is the hatred of women. Misogyny is not making fun of people who look stupid.

  1. David

    You don’t have to like them and I don’t. But let ‘em get on with it.

    Actually a couple of them are pretty cool. Well, cool anyway.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Thanks Bert. I’m still where I went to. I is just makin’ some Broadsheet time….there’s a blues song title there if anyone wants it. My fees are reasonable.

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