11 thoughts on “School Rules

  1. Digs

    Excruciating. Did they all get a release form signed? Poor kids been exhibited lke that is awful.

    1. McDerAd

      As a mother of children in the school, we sign stuff at the beginning of the year for stuff like this. The kids had a ball making the video and it’s a memory for them to have of what they did in school too. The kids loved watching it yesterday and spotting themselves in it.

    1. dav

      ahhh, casual racism makes u giggle. What makes me laugh is knowing that all those kids are your equal, and hopefully they will grow up to be your betters

      1. Caroline

        How are they his betters?? Singing in school like a bunch of overgrown babies when he’s absolutely killing it in this comments section. In the game of internet winnings this guy is a boss, these schoolkids are miles behind. Check your facts.


        (It stands for “Mic-drop, muthafkr”. Yeah.)

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