Was It For This?



Bag O’ WHAT!?

Smellyer writes:

Upon watching the trailer for food-based cartoon ‘Sausage Party’ (starring Seth Rogan) I noticed a bag of “Irish Potatoes” baring the brand name “Bag O’ Gees” (@ .26).

The potatoes go on to swear while singing Danny Boy just moments later in the trailer… no joke. Fight?

*NSFW language


7 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. rory

    Judging solely from the trailer, the use of ‘Danny Boy’ was for a joke, i.e. to contrast the Twee-ness of said song/image with the savage skin peeling that followed. So no offence necessary. Arguably anyway.

    1. rory

      Although yeah, I suppose the swearing and the singing of Danny Boy does quietly reinforce stereotypes at the same time.

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