Seizing The Moment



The lads.

For the day that’s in it.

Dillon Ó Coise writes:

I’m an artist working in Connemara, and this is my first venture. I’ve been moved by the history of the 1916 Rising, and aimed to create a tasteful commemorative product. I’ve been very grateful for the interest generated so far.

The works focus on key figures of the Rising and offer a vintage feel. I believe inspiration is the key to creating: what better inspiration than those who sacrificed everything?

Tá súil agam go mbainfidh tú taitneamh as mo chuid oibre.


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Rising related Irish-made stuff to marked ‘Rising Stuff’

12 thoughts on “Seizing The Moment

  1. Rainy Day

    Proper debate of the 1916 Rising rarely takes place in this country. One particular view of events have slowly but surely been accepted as facts and no other telling of those events has been aired or entertained, really since the 1920’s.
    The people who took part in the rising were the dissidents of their day, they were the hard core of the hard core. Mainstream nationalism followed Redmond to World War 1, the poor b******s. Of those who remained in Ireland and thought a rising was a good idea the pragmatic among them had the good sense to call the whole thing off when the Aud was captured and with it any small chance of success was surely gone.
    The few who decided to push on and have their rising on the Monday were practically on a suicide mission and fully accepted they were going to die. They knew they were going to fail and cared not for those civilians who were certain to die in the ensuing battle.
    War is always a dirty business, but for these lunatics to end up our National heroes is surely an odd quirk of history. Definitely no-one in April 1916 would have guessed it was going to tunr out this way.

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  3. ahjayzis

    “I believe inspiration is the key to creating: what better inspiration than those who sacrificed everything?”

    OOooh, controversial! Consensus has always been one must be devoid of inspiration in order to create?

    Pretention, thy name is Dillon.

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