Better Late Than Never



This morning.

Michale O’R writes:

218 years ago the bold men of the rising hoped for assistance from the French that materialised too late for the 1798 rebellion. 100 years after the the Easter Rising, the French patrol vessel Flamant (above) is escorted up the Liffey by the tug Shackleton. Things could get rowdy, this weekend…

11 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. rugbyfan

    if there is any sign of things getting rowdy the French will put up the white flags and run like hell!

    1. rugbyfan

      as Jack Charlton once said about a football pundit and refers to you….a bitter little man!

      1. dav

        Christ, the spawn of john bruton to the rescue. Don’t you have to go suck up to leo somewhere??

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