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From top: the revolutionaries collection; Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim Fitzpatrick‘s Irish Revolutionaries Print Collection.

Posters from a revolutionary artist for the year that’s in it.

Jim writes:

I was compelled to start the Irish Revolutionaries Print Collection when I saw how the government was attempting to airbrush the he roes of 1916 from history, not mentioning them in the centenary celebrations. If I ask, who are the seven signatories of the Irish proclamation? or what it is? a frightening amount of Irish people have no idea.

I have spent the last 40 years as an artist and writer creating hundreds of artworks and four books on our ancient myths and legends, of which few are known, in order to help preserve our rich heritage so that to be Irish is not reduced to a drunken St. Patrick’s holiday where the only symbols of Ireland are the shamrock and leprechaun.

I think it shameful, when you look at how well the Founding Fathers of the United States are remembered, that men and women who gave their lives so that Ireland might be free are so thoughtlessly forgotten. It is our privilege to live in a time when Ireland is free. It is our obligation to remember.

I’ve done this before. In 1968 I created one of the most famous images of a revolutionary in history with the now iconic Ché Guevara poster. I want the images of our founders and the Irish Proclamation to proliferate.

The Irish Proclamation is as relevant a document today as it was one hundred years ago. It’s principles, still not implemented, worth fighting for.

We Will Remember!

PS if you are a victim of the recession like most of us and can not afford these prints I have free digital print versions for download, so please feel free to download and print them for yourself and your family.


Irish Revolutionaries Collection (Jim Fitzpatrick)

Rising-related, Irish-made stuff to marked ‘Rising’.

19 thoughts on “Painted From Memory

  1. Caroline

    Whoa, I’m convinced. Upgrading my regard for 1916 from a strictly-protocol handshake to tenderly holding its face in my hands while staring into its eyes and smiling gently.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        Gotta love Dev’s unique style of acting.
        He was doing quiet LOUD quiet yeeeears before The Pixies.

  2. Deluded

    What’s the crack with the gravestones vandalised at Goldenbridge? (WT Cosgrave’s was mentioned on d’radio)

  3. Denis

    Fair play Jim, you’re a true warrior as you have shown us in your amazing work over the years & now with your Irish Revolutionaries series I feel you have captured the spirit of our Heroes who must be spinning in their graves at the disgusting, selfish, greedy little pig sty this country has become! I feel you in your words & your art & my heart & soul respond!
    Viva la Revolution!

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Whither Grattan, O’Connell, Boru, Zag and Redmond? The true heroes of the revolution!

    Constant Markevicz is rollng in his grave!

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