Eyes Of The State




Dame Court Dublin 2

[Rollingnews and Photocall Ireland photo agency boss] Eamonn Farrell (left) hands over a disk, “under protest”, containing over 300 images after a warrant was presented by Garda Inspector Des McTiernan (right), of Store Street. Station.

The order was for the seizure of images taken during the Pegida rally on O’Connell St. Dublin on February 6.

An agency representative said:

This was the fifth time gardai have demanded images from the agency and the second time a warrant has been excecuted. Mr Farrell has previously objected to such demands, stating that it was putting journalist into a position  where they are being regarded in certain quarters as ‘the eyes and ears of the State’ and as a result putting their safety at risk and making it very difficult for them to carry out their functions as independent objective journalists.

More as we get it.


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13 thoughts on “Eyes Of The State

    1. ahjayzis

      Bullpoo in fairness. If they were investigating someone you cared about getting the crap kicked out of them I’m sure you’d be totally understanding that while pictures of the incident exist – they’re privileged and cannot be used.

        1. ahjayzis

          Or logic it seems.

          Crime is committed.

          Person has photographic evidence of crime being committed.

          This isn’t anyone forcing journalists to reveal their sources or write propaganda, it’s not withholding evidence.

          I’ll grant you a warrant should be needed with due cause or whatever, and not for speculative purposes.

  1. Cromuel

    God be with the days when the Special Branch had their own photographers, swivel-eyed men in trench coats.

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      They still do. I’ve been at protests where plainclothes Gardai have been videoing the crowds.

  2. Sheikh Yabooti

    Phase 2 was to be a bawling mullocker in riot gear batthering his knees with a truncheon. He knows how persuasive the guardians of the peace can be.

  3. telecaster

    the sad thing about the whole incident is that Pegida came out looking better than the other crowd. and im no supporter of pegida but a lounge bar of my acquaintance was their sanctuary on the day in question.

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