20 thoughts on “Signing On

  1. phil

    Im starting to like this fella, I reckon he will have some interesting stories to tell if he gets burned ….

  2. Polaroid Fluid

    he won’t do a day, next year he’ll be making more money than you lot combined in your lifetime, it is just inevitable.

  3. Cloud

    I wonder will he wear those fetching sneakers to the rugby on saturday.

    Anyone know the dress code in Denis’s VIP box?

  4. Gers

    He has to sign daily I think? Or maybe more? We may as well start a little “what is David wearing today” section!

    1. Old Bawn

      Twice daily. In Balbriggan. A few weeks of that, and he’ll wish he was still in a Boston cell, the poor bapstard

  5. Peter Danner

    He should have worn a tuxedo, like seriously on some odd level I would have respected the sheer ‘F*** all of you’ that would have displayed. Then the respect would have dissipated within a few seconds and I would have gone back to despising every fiber of his being.

  6. Mark My Little Words He'll Be Back in RTE in 12 Months

    Sunday Independent all set for a fashion feature then. Rosemary McCabe will be all excited.

    1. Old Bawn

      Skerries Garda Station is, to all intents and purposes, unmanned. There’s never anyone there.

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