De Sunday Papers LIVE



Shouting at Marian Finucane on t’wireless.

Walking the dog.

Overcoming ‘The Fear’.

There must be more to Sundays.

Ciaran Walsh writes:

We’ve been working with St Patrick’s Festival to put The Ultimate Sunday together for the #ILoveMyCity series of events.

We’re bringing the Sunday papers to life for the whole day this Sunday, March 20 with cultured chats, sweet sounds, screenings, live comedy and more – all in the ornate surroundings of Belvedere House.

Journalists Shona Murray and Sinead O’Shea will recount what it’s like reporting from war zones, Ken Early and Dion Fanning will be analysing the sports stories that have shaped the last 12 months, Helen Steele will be telling us how to fun a fashion empire from Co. Monaghan and there’s appearances from Colm O’Regan, Alison Spittle, Sounds Alive and Broadsheet favourite Anderson….

We’d like to offer THREE pairs of tickets to Broadsheet readers for this Sunday’s event.. To enter just  finish this sentence:

‘While by no means my favourite day of the week my ultimate Sunday involves….’

Lines MUST close at 3.15pm Midnight

Ultimate Sunday

9 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers LIVE

  1. fluffybiscuits

    …cooking a slow cook lamb korma in a slow cooker for about five hours to let the lamb absorb the spices and infuse into the creamy mixture. I then sit down and watch past Eurovisions and usually sit down in my boxers on the sofa with the curtains closed and a duvet wrapped around me. In the evening time stroll into town, go for a coffee or pint with the lads and the other half and catch a movie :)

  2. Smashmouth

    While by no means my favourite day of the week my ultimate Sunday involves looking at videos from Saturday night

  3. Clampers Outside!

    ‘While by no means my favourite day of the week my ultimate Sunday involves…. waking up with nothing to do, and then spend the day ambling between Dublin city centre and popping into a couple of friends homes and giving them a break from their kids by distracting them for a while… which was never a plan, friends just dump the kids on you.. “take them out the back garden!”… to give ’em selves a break… I guess. But there’s usually a reward, one would usually get fed too :)

    I’ll be in Galway this weekend, so I’m out! :)

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    In PJs for most of the day (secretly hoping for rain), working on my small business, while a spice-based feast bubbles away in the slow-cooker (just like Fluffy!), while listening to radio all day with some dial-moving from 9am through to the History Show at 6:30pm. Then wine + dinner + TV / photo-editing + social media catch-up + emails + prepare clothes for the week.
    Damn. Not as exciting as ten years ago but hey.

  5. Custo

    While by no means my favourite day of the week my favourite Sunday involves doing literally nothing but watch sport from a horizontal position, eating giant bags of lidl crisps &toadted sandwiches before horsing into a spicebag at around 7pm.

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