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Trademark lawyer Brian Conroy writes:

You might be surprised that they didn’t already have one, but actually it’s quite typical of Irish brands and businesses, and also very dangerous, particularly if you don’t have as unusual and distinctive a brand as “Copper Face Jacks” – If you’re an Irish business owner wondering whether you should register a Trade Mark, give me a call [details at link below] to discuss (Spoiler alert, the answer is almost certainly yes). Anyway, that’s the shameless plug bit out of the way, Is that (above) a new logo, or have I just not been there [Coppers] in far too long a time?


Coppers Lingerie Anybody? Copper Face Jacks Trade Mark Application (Brian Conroy)

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  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    I don’t know Brian [Conroy], Lawyer (Trademark), what is the process I (or anyone) [should] follow?

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