19 thoughts on “Gingerly Nibbled

  1. Ronan

    I see this all the time in supermarkets, parents putting back something a child has opened and nibbled behind their backs. Just throw it on the ground FFS instead of contaminating the batch.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Better still get your child to apologise to a staff member and pay for it out of pocket money or an équivalant chore at home.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Yep its the nanny state mentality. The problem is some people don’t know the difference between a corrective tap and a battering. In fairness if you take the time to explain ( and you are giving g a kid a chance to listen ie: they aren’t so high on suger they can’t ) it should never be necessary.

          2. Owen

            “people don’t know the difference between a corrective tap and a battering.”

            Cracking line. Accurate AND hilarious.

  2. Put it Back, Beyonce

    visit reddit childfree for more classic examples of mombie behaviour

    things I have seen in supermarkets

    child sneezing into salad bar
    child taking fistful of coleslaw, mother tells child to “put it back”
    child eating contents of french stick, mother tells child to “put it back”
    child climbing on scissor lift (through the scissors)
    child eating cereal from box, mother tells child to “put it back”
    child eating slush puppie directly from dispensing nozzle

    and so on

    to quote Jarvis

    Oh, the parents are the problem
    Giving birth to maggots without the sense to become flies
    So pander to your pampered little princess of such enormous size

    1. Dubh Linn

      Only Mombies?? Fair few Dombies out there too.

      Dragging screaming kids along street oblivious to the fact they are wrenching arms etc and the kid is in pain
      Kids sitting bored and ignored in pubs / cafes / wedding receptions only to be roared at to “shut up” when they get a bit boisterous
      Kids trailing behind in shops behind Dad who is more interested in his phone that the child

      But hey, let’s hate on Mums, cos its all their fault.

      1. Calmly "Explaining" Through Wall of Sheer Noise

        I’m sure the denizens of the childfree subreddit (the very name sounds like heaven) are scrupulous in ensuring their observations are gender neutral.

  3. Sheila

    Yesterday in a Dunnes I spotted a garlic pack opened up and one clove gone from one of the bulbs. I reckon it was probably a grown up version of a child that did this!

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    I worked in retail for quite a number of years, in charge of kids section, and the amount of parents who would use it as a playground/creche for their kids was ridiculous. Children just let run around, shouting and screaming. It was a bookshop, ffs. And some parents actually thought that we (the staff) were akin to babysitters.

    Some parents are simply ignorant poxbottles, and really don’t understand that kids aren’t fashion accessories.

  5. Caroline

    There’s no way this won’t sound unhinged, but Supervalu Clonakilty is a great supermarket.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      No, no, my local supervalu is a kip. Clonakilty is the stuff of dreams… I went there, once…

      *sighs dreamily*

  6. Otis Blue

    It’s a great shop. Those gingerbread men are lovely. Can’t understand why they didn’t finish eating it

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