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Homeowners have been advised to watch their backsides during floods after a man in the Midleton area was bitten by a rat while sitting on the toilet.

…Yesterday, Councillor Noel Collins reported the incident to Cork County Council during a Southern Area Meeting, after asking them to investigate the possibility of flushing rat poison through the sewer system.

Cllr Collins added: “I would advise homeowners to keep their toilet seats down when not in use, and to watch their posteriors.”




Mind your bum… after rat bite on loo (Evening Echo, David Linnane)

Bite, the new restaurant in Dublin that rather defensively claims to be ‘hip, not hipster’, have offered a free meal for you and three of your friends to the value of €160.

To enter just finish this sentence.

I deserve to take three of my friends To Bite because…

Lines close at 3pm.

Bite at 29 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2, is the latest place for destination dining (and drinking, and hanging out, and whatnot. Led by restaurateur Ronan Ryan and concert promoters (and VVIP Awards creators) Brian Spollen and Anthony Remedy, Bite is hip, not hipster with a focus on fish and chips, with a full bar, cocktails and an outdoor terrace for a relaxed vibe.