Dáithí And Maura



Last night.

On RTÉ2’s Republic of Telly with hosts Kevin McGahern and Joanne McNally and newcomer Edwin Sammon.

Sarah Neville writes:

Ever wondered what goes on during the ad breaks of ‘Today with Maura & Dáithí’? Republic of Telly had the full scoop…

Republic of Telly is on Monday nights at 9.55pm on RTÉ2.

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10 thoughts on “Dáithí And Maura

  1. Rainy Day

    I think I’ve actually had hangovers that were funnier than The Republic of Telly…… truly terrible stuff…

  2. Tish Mahorey

    More template formulaic comedy for Boggers up in Dublin in their first insurance job.

    They don’t realise they’re watching the same gags over and over again, just in the form of different characters.

  3. Mani

    That’s hilarious!
    *Puts CAT scan back in envelope, looks at Broadsheet*
    Oh Jesus. This is terrible.

  4. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    I watched this last night and thought (hoped) this story was going to be about how painful it was. The irony of a show that’s trying to take the piss out of other show’s cringe factor(s), when its cringe factor far exceeds that of its supposed victim(s).

  5. rory

    There are some funny elements.
    ‘It means we can be together’ is said in a funny manner.
    The idea of roses standing at the side of the road, like women, is humorous.
    They tried to make it look like one continuous shot, which takes effort.

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