For Your Babies



A selection of Irish-made baby gifts from The Irish Workshop a platform for shoppers to buy directly from the workshops of Irish makers, designers and craftspeople.

1. Baby Blankets made from 100% lambswool by Foxford Woolen Mills in Co. Mayo

2. Blue Hippo made by Textile Artist Paula Byrne in Dublin. Limited edition

3. Little ABC Frame made by Little Tree Crafts in Dublin. Personalised

4. Celtic Ted designed by Celtic Gent in Dublin. Limited edition

Welcome Little One made by Bog Buddies in Co. Roscommon. Can be personalised

Charmiane Kenny, of The Irish Workshop, writes:

Ireland comes to life for St.Patrick’s Day, but it also creates life on St.Patrick’s Day. The data suggests that nine months after St. Patrick’s Day the average number of births in Ireland increases by about 10%. Now, how many of these Paddy’s Day Babies are called Patrick and Patricia? Perhaps we’ll tackle that question next year. Above  are our top picks for Irish-designed baby gifts at the Irish Workshop:

The Irish Workshop

8 thoughts on “For Your Babies

    1. Alex Francis

      Pretty limited business model only making name signs for people called Ruairi. I would have thought

  1. mildred st. meadowlark

    September is another popular due date… We’re all a bit frisky during that festive time.

  2. missred

    I’m trying to see what exactly gets people down and dirty on Paddy’s day. Apart from the damn booze.

    Those baby blankets are adorable though.

  3. Cromuel

    Ooh, if they made alphabet blocks, the whole alphabet like that it would be gorgeous!

    Gailbheach’s Travels, Pip?

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