Reppy writes:

Van broken in to on Haddington Road [Dublin 4] yesterday. Looks like a small hacksaw blade severed the central locking wire loom through the gap in the drivers door and front wing, which then let them in to unlock the rear doors and cleaned out the contents of the van. Never even realised until the electric windows wouldn’t work as from the outside there was no evidence of a break in. Clever b*****ds

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12 thoughts on “Hacked

  1. Skeptik

    I guess that’s why you see so many vans going around with a great big padlock attached to the doors

  2. Plumbob

    That trick has been around a good few years, doubt your telling anything new to the type who do rob vans. for bonus points is it a vivaro/primastar?

    1. Donger

      We got a new electric shutter fitted in work a while back. A few mornings we’d arrive to work to find it open. We contacted the fitter and he asked was there a taxi office near. There was one next door. He THEN tells us the taxi radios were interfering and opening our shutter.

  3. Eoin

    Yeah common problem with ford transit connect van… Put the new wire loom inside a little bit of copper pipe

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